Livery Design

When coming up with a livery design it is vital to understand the car. It's all very well creating a striking full car wrap but the application and maintenance throughout a season would be incredibly expensive. I will work with teams to address high wear areas, panels that need to be painted and any carry over panels they may share with another car. Some teams for example will have 1 chassis but 2 liveries on 2 sets of bodywork to run in different championships. Areas such as the roof are integrated into the chassis so that has to be factored into both designs.

It's also important to know which areas of the car receive the most exposure and are of greatest value for sponsorship. The design is often tailored around these locations.


Press image production process

Livery Sheets

The image below is an example of part of the livery design process. A manufacturers line drawing is used to ensure that the car detail is correct. It is then a lengthy process of redrawing the car to show contours and highlights to as high a level as possible.

Using plan views not only helps understand how the design wraps around the car in 3D, but also serves as a valuable illustration for the graphics application stage. I then work closely with a graphics team to ensure the design translates from screen to real life, and often tweak the design on-car to make sure it's perfect.


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